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Make Your Own Green Cleaning Products

From toxic chemicals to green cleaning products

Turn your kitchen cupboard from cesspit of toxic chemicals to something that looks like like an overflow from your pantry.
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This articles comes to you via the awesome everything-you-want-to-know-about-the-home blog, Apartment Therapy. It’s stunningly comprehensive and will change your life (and cupboard under the sink) forever. So, you want to learn how to make your own green cleaning products? Over to Apartment Therapy:

25 DIY Green Cleaning Recipes For the Whole House!

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Green Cleaning in Australia – 4 Universities That Want to Create a Safe, Healthy Environment for Their Students and Staff

Green Cleaning in Australian Universities


Well this is nice. I just learnt that a number of Australian universities employ green cleaning practices to ensure their campuses are spick, span, and healthy for their students and faculty. The list includes:

University of New South Wales

On the Campus Sustainability page it says: “Cleaning in the past has often used harsh industrial chemicals that pollute our environment. We now require our cleaning contractors to only use chemicals, equipment and cleaning methods that can demonstrate the lowest environmental impact.”

Macquarie University

Their website says: “Green cleaning forms the basis of the cleaning process that will take place within Campus Life. As part of our corporate responsibility, Campus Life is driven to reduce environmental impacts caused by it’s processes.”

University of South Queensland

Whilst it doesn’t openly say they use ‘green cleaning’ techniques, it does say: “We understand that as an institution of higher learning we play a leading role in educating the leaders, professionals and policy makers of the future. As part of that leadership, USQ is determined to participate fully through its academic and professional contributions to climate change response and sustainability” and “By making a few small changes to our everyday work habits you can help reduce our environmental footprint and contribute to a greener campus. A few initiatives currently being implemented by USQ include: [(1)] adopting green purchasing methods, [and (2)] improving recycling and waste management.” What’s more, they are a member of the Green Building Council of Australia.

University of Tasmania

In re-tendering for cleaning services in 2013, they had a new requirement: “The cleaning contract will incorporate ‘green cleaning’ methods, including reducing the use of chemicals in cleaning operations.”



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Waterless Composting Toilets

Most of the readers of this blog hail from the urban parts of Adelaide. However, I know there are a few of you that call from further afield. And I also know I have a few off-gridders or aspiring off-gridders in the ranks. Not that any of that strictly matters, as the article I wish to share is as applicable to the city-dweller that wants to disconnect from the grid as much as possible, or take responsibility for their waste, as the bloke (or woman) out on a rural property.

Waterless composting toilets. I became fascinated with these after reading the human poo (humanure, they call it) bible, The Humanure Handbook, a few years back. Human wee and poo is a tremendous resource which in some cultures is deeply respected and held in high regard. Why wouldn’t it be – both are highly nutritious and can be used to feed the soil.

Here’s a bit more about waterless composting toilets, including a comprehensive list of units available on the Australian market.

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Who Remembers This?

At the start of it’s life, The Kind Cleaner’s website looked a little like this. It, along with the current version, were designed by the ridiculously talented Connor O’Brien.

Green Cleaning Business in Adelaide

This is the original branding of The Kind Cleaner.