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Regular cleaning is easy cleaning!

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It’s Spring, Get Outside!

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Vegan on a Budget

I’ve another share for you readers. They do say sharing is caring and I do care for you all. So it makes sense, really. I digress…

Hot off the press. (Well, not quite – it was written in June). Sally Kitten, an Adelaide blogger, shares some tips on how to survive as a vegan on a budget. There is a misconception that veganism is expensive. Sure, if you eat nothing but faux-meats the costs will add up – monetarily and nutritionally. But a diverse wholefoods diet, when managed cleverly, can cost a fraction of an omnivorous diet. Her first tip, I am sure she won’t mind me sharing it with you;

1. My first tip is “Get creative!” You need to get to a point where you can look in your fridge and visualise a meal of the ingredients that you have in there.

For the rest – written in an Adelaide context which is refershing – can be found over at Sally’s great blog, Of The Kitten Kind.




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Best Value Fruit and Vegetables to Grow at Home

Two posts in one day? What, what, what? Yes, I know. It’s crazy. But it’s worth it.

Just read a great post over at Quarter Acre Lifestyle called “My list of the “best value for money” veges and fruits for the home garden / pantry“. (Long title, I know.) It shares an list of fruit and vegetables that can be grown, cheap. One may assume that growing all fruit and vegetables is cheap. Well, if you have ever spent $45 on a lemon tree that dies on you, you will know that’s not entirely true.